Compiling all the New Music Friday playlists on Spotify into a weekly chart.

About us

SuperFridayChart is dedicated to the global Friday release day, thanks to Spotify this has become even more celebrated with the introduction of their New Music Friday playlists. These playlists are collated globally by Spotify’s editors and feature new releases from some of the biggest artists today as well as releases from new and exciting artists the world over. Spotify’s New Music Friday playlists are curated by teams in Australia, France, Spain and Brazil through to America, Sweden, Germany, Iceland, United Kingdom and more. Aside from country-specific curated New Music Friday playlists there is also New Music Friday Latin, Christian and a General playlist which serves countries currently without a dedicated New Music Friday playlist.

SuperFridayChart is in no way affiliated with Spotify.

We built this free tool to help artists and labels who are actively looking at NMF playlists on Friday, either to look at their own tracks, or to look at what are the trending tracks this week.

The Super Friday Chart

The chart ranks tracks in the following order:

  1. 1. The total number of New Music Friday playlists the track appears on;
  2. 2. The total number of playlist followers of those New Music Friday playlists featuring the track;
  3. 3. The combined positions of the track within those New Music Friday playlists.

All NMF playlists do not update at the same time, therefore our chart may be based on partial data for a few hours. We recompute it everytime we notice updates on the NMF playlists. The chart is only computed on Friday, so any change to what apply on the playlists later would not be taken into account.

Our chart is based on the following playlists. If you find some are missing, please let us know!

We started recording data on January 20th 2023. All data prior this date has been imported from third-party services such as Chartmetric, Soundcharts and Spot On Track.


SuperFridayChart is a free tool that runs thanks to our own funds, and advertising revenue.
If you’d like to inquire about running a banner advert on SuperFridayChart, or sponsor the newsletters/alerts, please contact us.